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I’m finding more and more helpful tutorials on YouTube for RawTherapee, yet I’m not seeing them posted very often here in the forums. I also understand that it is up to us, as a community, to provide those links whenever we come across something that might be useful for others.

Here’s my question: Is there somewhere that they can be more prominently placed for people to find them? Even a separate page of organized, curated content that isn’t ‘official’ documentation, but are nevertheless recommended for learning that software.

Don’t get me wrong, the documentation for RawTherapee in particular is outstanding, both in its clarity and brevity. The tutorials I’ve seen take all of that information and show real world examples of how to put them into practice. This would work for other software also, of course; I just used RawTherapee here is an example because it’s my own editor of choice.


I originally thought that Pat and I would curate videos, but it turns out that it is a ton of work.

If you’d like to start a thread and post the ones you like, or invite the video maker here to post them, that is perfectly fine. Just please confine the videos to one thread, we don’t want one post per video.

Well, if someone wants to pin mine somewhere here’s my RT playlist

But be warned, I do ramble on a bit :crazy_face: :exploding_head:


I really like Andy’s videos. They are educational and entertaining.


Hello @ heckflosse

I really like Andy’s videos. They are educational and entertaining.

I totally agree!
It is outstanding how Andy is able to explain very difficult aspects of RawTherapee while always keep smiling.
In short, it is indeed a pleasure to watch his video tutorials on YouTube :slight_smile:


I agree. I watched all of them completely! Thanks @Andy_Astbury1 for this videos :+1:

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Maybe in a not so far future there will be a page with links to tutorials and video-tutorials in RawPedia.

Will see how that information can be organized.

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There is a youtube channel with playlists about various softwares and topics.

I actually wanted to be more active there but didn’t have much time and actually forgot. Now it seems time is slowly coming back so i might be doing something regarding videos again.

Anyway that youtube channel was thought to be a place to collect all relevant videos. And through the playlists it can be grouped by software and topic etc.


I can start a thread, and I would also volunteer to curate a page if you need some help with that. A bank of tutorials would go a long way toward easing the perceived learning curve.

I had yours in mind when I was thinking of this. You do some great work.

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You can do either or both. The we
bsite is public on our github, we take PRs. :slight_smile:

The RT website is also public, so you could do it there as well.

Thanks. I’m a little confused, though. I’m not seeing where is open to the public for editing anywhere, unless I’m just completely in the wrong place.

I’m not sure what is meant by ‘PR’ here.

I haven’t used Github, so I’ll need to check into that.

Sorry, that is a Pull Request. Its a sequence of events you use to share your changes with us.

Cheers Rick, I try to :+1: