View node and write node combine? Why not?

Why is it that I can’t input the view node into the write node? Is it really that awkward, that you have to rewire the nodes from view node to write node just to write a file or sequence?

The view node is an output node, so it makes sense that it shouldn’t then connect to anything else.

No need to necessarily rewire your nodes. You can connect what is going to the Viewer node to a Write node as well.

(FYI this behaviour also seems to be the same in Nuke and Blender’s compositor)

I created a write node put it under the view node and pressed 1. this wired the view node to the write node and I was able to see what’s going on and write to file quickly without messing with a split? node.

best practice is to create a dot node (press “.”) at the end of the graph (or at any place you would connect readers or writers), and connect readers or writers to these dot nodes.
It makes the whole graph much clearer

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connecting the test node to the write node and the write node to the view node to see what’s going on.

that’s another way of using it, and you can even instruct the Write node to re-read the file from disk to check its content, but I still think it’s a better practice to insert dot nodes before writers and after readers. It is also useful when grouping nodes, making PyPlugs, etc.