Wakui Cinematic Look (Using LightZone)

I’d recently seen the following and article on DIY Photography entitled How to create the Wakui Cinematic Look in Lightroom and Photoshop.

As I’ve seen articles about this style before I wondered if anybody had ever created a LightZone style to re-create it - and posted a message to this effect in the forum on the LightZone site itself.

Shortly after the LightZone user sfink16 replied with a his stab at creating the effect with a Style.

I think its a pretty good attempt and due to the way that LightZone works its very easy to apply (and to modify). You can find the post here: http://lightzoneproject.org/lorum/wakui-cinematic-look

To add to LightZone you can copy the text from the post (every line that starts and ends with < and ends with> - then save it with a file name of Cinematic;Wakui.lzt in the location of your choice.

To import the style, open LightZone - Select the file menu - select Manage Styles (located at the bottom of the menu) - in the dialogue box that appears select the import button, and the style will be imported into LightZone.

If you like this one you may also like the Matrix one that has been created by another LightZone user (marceloanelli) which you can find on this link: http://lightzoneproject.org/lorum/thematrixv1

I’d suggest saving this one with the filename Cinematic;Matrix.lzt

If you interested in this, but don’t already have the software please do not be put off by the fact that you are asked to register to download the software as this situation is currently under review, and it is actually possible to download it without registering by going directly to here https://github.com/ktgw0316/LightZone/releases