Wandering around the dam in a fog

Our local whisky shop has a musicians’ night once a month, lots of craic. It helps that they sell off the remains of their tasting stock at knock-down prices, last night I had a dram of Kilchoman finished in tequila casks, a snip at £6.00 a pop.

Anyway, it snowed overnight and as the day warmed this became a fog (not the effect of the whisky). This is one of the shots.

_CTW7919.NEF (51.3 MB)
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“Nice situation, but not the ideal conditions to play with”, said the seagull.

_CTW7919.NEF.xmp (28.3 KB)

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Here is my interpretation with DT 4.3.
Now I’m going to enjoy a good 12 year old wisky… … :tropical_drink:

_CTW7919.NEF.xmp (16.3 KB)
Greetings from Brussels


Funnily enough I initially read the thread title as “wandering around in the dam fog” :laughing:

Oh, crack as slang is something completely different in the US…

I had an idea it might be - as an Aussie with some UK background I think I’ve read/heard of both…

Nice spot, I had missed the seagull completely, I did get him in another shot:

Amongst the other whiskies that were available during the session was this one, note the distillation year. It was bottled in 2008.

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My version…

_CTW7919.NEF.xmp (13.9 KB)

The photograph really emphasises the stillness of the scene!
In GIMP. Defined the black point and a little increase in saturation.

Yep, it was a flat calm until the fog burnt off.

I wanted to bring out the mid-tone background as much as possible.
_CTW7919_06.NEF.xmp (45.2 KB)