Wanna know the history of Rawtherapee way back before its opensource

The only thing related to that history I can find through internet is it was written by Gábor Horváth in 2005. Is there any place I can find more detail about that history, please🎅


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Hi @Roland_J_Vyens, is there something specific you would like to know about RT’s origins?
The development process is of course ‘documented’ through the commit log in GitHub. For example, this is the very first public version of RawTherapee (initial import · Beep6581/RawTherapee@35da4bb · GitHub).

Older info I don’t have…


Funny to re-read that: “Yes, we need a steering committee!”. Many and lengthy discussions about that. Long time ago…

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WOW, thank you sir :grinning:

Thank you for your kind reply :grinning:

I noticed a subtle thing:
in RawTherapee - Back In Time - RawTherapee From 2004 Till 2010 Today, it says “RawTherapee was born in 2004”, but in RawPedia, RT was “started in 2005” (Getting Started - RawPedia). Maybe there was a different measurement of the start of RT in these two articles?

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Well, I have just seen this thread right now. Actually just yesterday, I wrote an email to Gábor, since I am going to Budapest, and asked him whether he had time for a casual meeting. But he has not answered (yet). Apparently, meanwhile he is a university professor. Or at least he was until 2015 or so.
I think this is a task for an art historian.