Wanting to use digiKam with Raw Therapee

I would like to start using digiKam but have a few quick questions

  1. I currently use Windows 8.1 Could someone point me to the correct file to download?
  2. Does digiKam work well on Windows? Reading through the web site it says it is not as stable as using on other platforms. What are the stability issues?
  3. Is this a non destructive program if editing raw Nikon files?
  1. https://download.kde.org/stable/digikam/6.3.0/digiKam-6.3.0-Win64.exe

  2. Not sure.

  3. Yes, it is nondestructive.


You can download either 32 bit or 64 bit version here:


I use digiKam on both Linux and Windows 10 and I have to say it is very stable on Windows nowadays.

I think it works even better than the Linux version just because the appimage has some limitations and if you compile yourself or if someone else compiles it (e.g. a Linux distribution maintainer) it often introduces malfunctions.

I don’t edit raw files in digiKam but I don’t think the program will modify it in any way. I normally export my edits to jpeg anyways though.

It won’t hurt to give it a try :wink:

Our own @dmpop has authored a book about digikam that has a bunch of great tips: https://www.digikam.org/recipes_book/

Its reasonably priced and you get free updates.

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Thanks for the plug, Mica! :grinning: I would be more than happy to answer any digiKam-related questions.

Thank you all for the feedback. Look forward:smiley: to trying digiKam out.

There are many files on the site you gave me to chose from. Which one do I use other than Windows 64 bit and from which location? I have tried to download from a few of them and they all say “Failed” and are not downloading.

I am sorry but I cannot agree with you about this. There are known
limitations with the Windows version. The appimage limitations are
pretty minor. While there may have been a couple of times where there
have been issues with compiling digikam claiming it often introduces
malfunctions is completely without evidence.

My experience has been that the best supported and most stable version
is for Linux.


Try one of these maybe? I am assuming you are running Windows 8.1 64bit


Thank you

I’m planning on using Raw Therapee to edit images, and digiKam to create collections and catalogs.

for now you can just open with rawtherapee from digikam. Starting from ver 6.4.0 you will be able to select rawtherapee as an external raw editor in digikam’s settings

Nice, Thank you

Is 6.3.0 the most current release? You mention 6.4.0. When will that be released?

It is in the works. I am not sure when it will be released. I think it is pretty raw still (does not compile).

Thank you

When I click on the highlighted link, there are many sites to pick from. I know I need Win64 for my Windows 8.1 but from what link should I download from, or doesn’t it make a difference? I assume I should pick one of the files that has “stable” in it no?

Edit: Didn’t realise this was from a week ago, apologies.

This is what I see - I’m in Australia so the mirror it suggests is local to Australia but I can download from any of those links:

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