Watermark variable $(DARKTABLE.VERSION) empty

I use the linux git version of darktable. When I create my own watermark as simple-text the variables $(DARKTABLE.VERSION) and $(VERSION) do not contain any information. Some other variables work as expected like
But when I change the marker in the waterfall module to the standard “darktable (svg)” the git version appears in the watermark.
How can I print the darktable git-version in the watermark as plain text? Any ideas?

Both $(DARKTABLE.VERSION) and $(VERSION) are not allowed (or more precise: its content is ignored) when used in the simple-text (svg) option.

An external created svg file placed in the ~/.config/darktable/watermarks directory does work.

Here’s an example created using Inkscape: dt.version.svg

And this is what it looks like out-of-the-box:

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Thank you. This explains the weird behaviour. I am wondering why the content is ignored when used in the simple-text (svg).

You’re welcome.

Don’t know the answer to that one.

Using the variables that are mentioned are hit&miss and there’s no real insight into which will work at what time. There’s this little, rather general and somewhat useless nugget in the docs:

The following variables are available, though they may not all be applicable in every context:

Same is true for string substitution, but even less of them will actually work.

Excellent, I changed your svg file and edited it to my needs. So, it’s all good now. :vulcan_salute: