Way to trigger image stack on Canon 400D?


I experimented with an iPhone app that stacked more than 40 images to reduce digital noise. It was reasonably effective. Anyone know of a piece of gear that will let me trigger the shutter that way on my Canon 400D Rebel?


Magic Lantern? However, the buffer won’t allow for that many shots in rapid succession. That means more ghosting…

(Mica) #3

A cable release and burst mode? I have a product called the Vello Shutterboss that has a timer function.


That was going to be my suggestion, too, with the caveat that the 400D bursts are limited to 27 JPEG or 10 RAW. Other mandatory accessory, a very sturdy tripod.

(Flössie) #5

While “Magic Lantern” is almost always the right answer for missing Canon features

  1. ML isn’t available for the 400D, and
  2. AFAIK the intervalometer won’t do bursts, but I might be wrong.


(Kees Guequierre) #6

There is , https://github.com/400plus/400plus .
But i think just getting a shutter release is easier, they cost next to nothing on ebay.
Or build one yourself, Canon uses a 2.5mm jack for the release.


Not in all models though. The 400D seems to feature that though. So building the cable should be easy.


For a long time, Canon’s “entry models” (1XXXD and XXXD) have used a jack and SD cards, while the expert/pro models used the “N3” connector and CompactFlash. However the N3 connector is fading away together with the CompactFlash, and my 70D has a jack and uses SD cards.

(Kees Guequierre) #9

Canon’s propetary connector is used on the xxD and xD models, all others have 2.5mm jack afaik
Then again. I’ve bougth a cheap remote release to get that connector for my focus stacking jig

(Morgan Hardwood) #10

By far the best camera accessory money can buy:

Works as an intervalometer if you insert batteries, or as a wired shutter release (with an on-lock) even without batteries.


OK I looked a Vello Shutterboss and that is very promising, as well as related products/options like the eBay link. There is a Magic Lantern spinoff (?) called 400+ on Github, but I think several of you are suggesting that my 400D can only be pushed so far. Really appreciate the help!


For those of us in the U.S. … eBay stateside