WB presets not visisble

Hi all,
I am running ART 1.18.0 on my win10 computer. The image quality is realy fine and on par with capture one with much more options to optimize the results.
My current headache:
The file “wbpresets.json” in the ART directory contains a lot of specific camera WB presets. But when I open a raw file of a listet camera model I always get the four standard presets of ART.
Any ideas?

Thanks… Thomas

Hmmm, that’s strange. What camera is that?

I am using a Sony A900

I noticed the same thing with my Leica M9 and checking wbpreset.json I saw that the name of the model there was not the same with the one in the metadata (“Leica M9 digital camera” instead of “Leica Camera AG digital camera”). I corrected the name in wbpreset.json and now I see all presets.

Thanks for your tip…but the naming is the same Sony DSLR-A900 in the json -file and the exif-date of the raw file :frowning_face:
I tried the the same procedure with the raw file of a SONY DSLR-A700…same behavior.
Do I miss a “check button” or a “hidden function” on my computer?

…and the same with files from a FUJIFILM X-T4…strange

I found the answer to my own question :smile:
In the nightly builds you find a version for the Ryzen architecture: “ART_1.18.0_W64_Znver3_7”.
This corresponds to my computer hardware.
A quick test: all WB presets defined in “wbpresets.json” files are now visible.
Than I added the WB presets of my SONY ILCA-99M2: works as expected :smile:

I am not a software engineer and I have no idea what are the detailed differences between the different builds for Win 10…

But this vital issue is solved :smile:

Glad that you found a solution, but where did you get the previous version from? If there’s a problem there it might still be worth checking out what is going wrong…

This is my standard version: agriggio / ART / Downloads — Bitbucket

This is the place with Ryzen build: https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/ART-W64NightlyBuilds/

Thanks for taking care and investigations…

…with version 1.81.1 the described problem is solved…Perfect and thanks :clap: