Weighting on photometric measurements?

I think as of now, while stacking, weights are either none (all equal) or on noise.

Using photometric measurements to estimate quality and weight the subs seems to be a new approach which gives good results.

I do not know how easy or difficult this is to include, but are there any plans for this or similar in Siril?


Hello, it is not clear which criteria do you would like to use.

We did a lot of test in the past to find the best criteria. Almost every parameters linked to the photometry/psf had a minor contribution because of the rejection stacking, that generally compensates differences.

Hi, I’m referring to the type of weighting done by the PI scripts like NSG, or the new PI weights.

They measure star flux and / or psf to assess the weights to be given to each sub. There can be significant differences from noise weighted stacking.

I think Adam Block explains it better than I could :slight_smile:

Image Weighting in PixInsight: Part 2 - YouTube