Welcome our newest Moderator - Afre!

Hi all!

Please join me in congratulating our newest moderator @afre!

He’s been hanging around here with us for just over 5 years now and I (and others in the community) feel he’s been a good asset to the community with his attitude and congeniality.

Congratulations @afre - now that you’re a mod we get to push all the less glamorous stuff to the newbie. :wink: :confetti_ball: :fireworks:


@afre has ascended to another dimension, it appears.

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Congratulations, @afre . I know you will do well and be an asset to the community.

Thank you admins and community!


Congrats @afre !

@afre is a good asset indeed and I’m sure he’ll be a good moderator as well.

Good job @afre , generous of you to dedicate yor time that way! Maybe @paperdigits and others will get some rest from an often thankless task :wink:


congrats @afre

Congrats @afre !

go ahead @afre

@afre Congratulations!

Congratulations and all the best to you, @afre :slight_smile:

Excellent! You’ll do a fine job…

Well done :handshake:

Congratulations, @afre! I’m sure you will do a fine job.

I hope you will use your new-found powers to encourage more pictures of toes. The world doesn’t have enough of these.

I have been around longer than that, stalking following this person and that blog (e.g., @patdavid @prokoudine). I have seen the birth of so many projects that have had a lasting impact on the global community. When PIXLS.US became a thing, I wasn’t sure I could contribute anything. I remained a lurker. Eventually, I became a member due to the attraction of the Play Raw and the rowdiness brought on by the diversity of the community. Oh, how I miss @chroma_ghost’s (RIP[1]) unique perspective!

PS [1] - In fact, this week marks the time of year when chroma passed away. :sob:


Congrats @afre

Congrats @afre :partying_face:

Hello everyone! It looks like I may be hanging around even more than usual. This evening I had a terrible experience at my one of many different volunteer positions. Actually, I carry multiple designations for this one too because I like to serve in many ways. Anyway, I won’t be returning to it. Should have done so a decade ago but a nope later is better than a nope never.

Hidden - click arrow to expand. Story pretty mild and I left out all the details. Nothing shocking compared to what happens in the world but abusive and toxic nevertheless for a very long time.

I have volunteered with a Scouts group for ages, contributing to it like a real job. Tonight, the head Scouter (self-styled, his wife actually is the Group Commissioner - he isn’t anything but struts around like Trump) gathered everyone AFTER I officiated of opening ceremony and gave words of wisdom to live by at what we call a spiritual. The short of it was I was told on the spot who was boss and supreme leader, that my role was to be given to another and that I was to leave the building. After 10 years of gas lighting and other toxic behaviour that many youth have been emulating and disrespecting me, it is the perfect time to say NO. I will leave as asked.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, you can sometimes encounter tin-pot dictators in volunteer organizations. Their loss is our gain.