What do you shoot with?

Found this on reddit:

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That is one burst mode the world needs a whole lot less of…

I’ve never really liked the overlap with gun terminology, but its so engrained I have a hard time saying other things when speaking casually.


Loaded with


we get some interesting shots. Gunning for a great time.

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SlĂ inte Mhath


No overlap in French off the top off my head. Are there other languages with similar borrowings?

There’s no overlap in Spanish either.

Yes there is! Disparar una foto

I’ve never heard it before; usually one says “tomar una foto”. Where I’m from, if you say “disparar una foto” people would think your gun shoots photos instead of bullets :smile:


I once saw one of these for sale at a local flea market.
Asking price was far too high, though: Photo Sniper

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Funny how different Spanish is from country to country. Over here we say “sacar una foto”, “tomar una foto”, “disparar una foto” or even “quitar una foto”.

That being said, the trigger on a camera is called “disparador”, and “disparar” means among other things to set a trigger off.

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At least a trigger is more generic, a trigger is just something to starts something else, such as “trigger an avalanche” or a more recent use, where someone is “triggered” meaning irritated or upset.

In Spanish, the word for trigger literally means “shooter”

noted :stuck_out_tongue: