What does this do?

TIA and thanks for a great app:)


Thank you for your feedback,

This button collapse the tabs as shown in the capture below.

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On 67495ba3, it does nothing;)
Ubuntu 18.04

on Ubuntu 18.04, last git version (master):

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OK. Doesn’t work here: clean install from git source.
Doesn’t matter though. The main stuff works fine:)

Yes, but it should work. Please run siril via the command line and tell me if some outputs are relevant.

@alacant : are you sure you write sudo make install

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No. I’m running from the source folder:

I have to install it?

The problem is that sudo make install installs the glade fie needed for siril to work. I bet you don’t use the right glade file.

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you don’t need to install it with sudo, you can also give a prefix like /tmp/siril to the autogen or configure.