What IDE for C++ on windows (for RT)

I have a question for all the programming specialists.
I would like to delve into C++ a little more and maybe in a near future play around with the rawtherapee code. I am on Windows and was wondering what IDE to use?
Is CodeBlocks an option or Visual Studio?
Or no IDE at all. What are your suggestions always keeping in mind that I’d like to tinker with the RT code if I ever get that proficient.

Just as background info I have used the Borland C++ builder about 15 years ago, have done some hardware programming using delphi after that and have lately had to learn very little python.


vscode might be a good start.

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I would definitely go for VSCode. I did quite of lot of coding without it, but recently gotten used to using it and it is so much easier to navigate the (sometimes complicated) code.

If you need some help setting up, you can always pm me.

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I admit, for a long time, my workflow was emacs + grep, but I’ve heard many good things about VSCode and will be giving it a try (I’ve started using it at work) when I get back to working with RT again.

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Hello @McCap

I am not a programmer by trade however I have tried VSCode for my little needs (just very basic dummy Pyhon stuff…). Its GUIs was extremely nice to work with; plenty of plugins to try; it is even open source (which sounds weird given it is a Microsoft offspring)…

Anyway, since I am a RawTherapee user, best of luck!
Hoping to see soon some of your first pull-requests on Github :slight_smile:

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Post-Nadella Microsoft is shaping up to be a vastly different beast than under Gates or Ballmer. VSCode is one great example, WSL is another. While the Teams client is closed source, they have official Linux versions available that work very well.

Hello @Entropy512

Post-Nadella Microsoft is shaping up to be a vastly different beast

Yep. This Indian guy is a genius :slight_smile:
Just take a look at Microsoft profits these last years to know what I mean…

Btw, If @McCap makes indeed a pull-request shortly on Github, thanks also to VSCode, it would mean that Microsoft has helped RawTherapee twice since they have also bought github :slight_smile:

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Please, no pressure, I am still learning.

Thanks for all your tips so far, I installed vscode…now let’s learn something…