What OS are you running?


Check out

Changing the desktop environment (DE) is simple. In the login screen (or display manager; DM), you should be able to change your session to XFCE if you have it installed. You may also want to change the DM as well to match the DE or customize both. There is room for that too.


Using Fedora since Fedora Core 3, still pretty happy, had some adventures with gentoo and arch but for some reason I always ended up back at fedora again.

Now I am waiting that some day centos 8 comes out (I guess it will take another ~2 years or so) and then I will probably switch to that. I really need a more robust system without a new kernel update every 3 seconds like on fedora.


You can go to Yast - Install/Remove Software - switch to the tab “Patterns” - you will see XFCE, GNOME etc. there.


Make sure you backup your system before doing that. It will be hard to delete XFCE from your OpenSUSE once you have it installed. You will be able to do that but all the apps e.g. Thunar, XFCE terminal etc. will still be there


Well that was an interesting experience. I switched to XFCE and installed Lightdm. When I rebooted Lightdm wouldn’t let me login. So to cut a very long frustrating story short I ended up with a fresh install of OpenSuse and will stick with KDE. I’m still preferring Manjaro at the moment.


Sorry to hear that.
I guess it is to late now but I think you could have tried to roll back
using snapper

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I did try snapper but still had a strange log in procedure that frankly looked awful so I gave up. It was late and I ws tired. Much easier to do a reinstall.

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Separate /home FTW!


The reinstall wasn’t a pain because I back up personal stuff to a separate hard drive. And of course unlike Windows I can reinstall in a very short time.

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I am running Debian testing, with XFCE, Gimp 2.8 and RawTherapee 5.0-r1 Gtk2 on a tower and laptop. I mostly use the tower to edit, since it has a nice Acer 22inch monitor attached to it. Details below.

Tower: (custom made - last black friday when parts were cheap…er)
Core i7-6700K Quad core 4GHz
GeForce GTX 650 Ti Video Card

Lenovo Xseries 14inch
Intel i5
Integrated video
Wallpaper is: this from https://searchingfortomorrow.com/posts/deer-studies

Tools of the trade:

Nikon D700 (the workhorse); Nikon D200 (barely gets to see the light of day except if I want to extend my zoom capability), Canon Rebel XT (from 2006; this baby is currently collecting dust but boy did it ever change my life)

Nikon 24mm f2.8; Nikon 35mm f2; Nikon 50mm f1.8; Tamron 70-300 f4-5.6; Nikon 105 f2 Macro


Wow, such a beast exists?

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@HIRAM I :heart: my Gtk2. it’s fast and reliable :stuck_out_tongue:


I only say that because
"The last version of RawTherapee to support GTK2 is 5.0-r1 -gtk2 released on 2017-02-0"

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And you are correct; I apologise :slight_smile: got my versions mixed up


Been running Linux only, on my desktop since 2001 and Debian Sid w/KDE rolling distro for the last 5 years. Still & video editing.


I’ve been using Ubuntu and Slackware both for the past five-ish years. Linux distros of various flavors for twentyish years. I severely dislike Unity and use IcwWM is my only window manager on everything for about ten years. I’m a bit old fashioned in that I boot to a text login, and start X by hand with hand-rolled scripts. It gives me the option to switch window managers without logging out, not that I do that often.

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As user and at home Debian stable does it for me since a while (2008?). I started with SuSE in 2002, moved to Gentoo and seattled down on Debian. Latest darktable compiles fine on Debian stable, and I’m deeply grateful for that to all devs.

A virtual machine with Win 10 is there, if I need to do something for the job at home.

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Speaking of crew coming late, here I am after lurking for a while since the existence of the pixls.
Active contributor of Fedora Design Suite

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Absolutely Separate/Home

Am using OpenSUSE/XFCE for main systems running darktable
but recently antiX/rox-jwm … on a pathetic Acer AspireOne. Super lightweight … runs well where M$ was totally impossible.


Welcome to the non lurking part of the community then. :grinning: