What OS are you running?


Are there any KDE Neon users here? My hands are itching to try something new :smiling_imp: but another part of me saying don’t brake what’s working (OpenSUSE) :innocent:

(Mica) #82

I’m using Neon on one of my boxes currently. Its a nice environment, but they only build the plasma packages, so actual QT applications are from Ubuntu 16.04.

I’d be using tumbleweed on that box if I didn’t need the nVidia driver.

(Gord) #83

This thread made me try out Manjaro XFCE, which I had never tried before. Performs well and “just works”. Nice.

(Luya Tshimbalanga) #84

Thank you very much. Much appreciated this warm welcome :smile:

(Garry R. Osgood) #85

I run Gentoo. I’ve been told that there are other O/S’s that people use. I suppose that’s nice. – G.


After 5 years Debian testing/unstable, 2 years Manjaro (KDE), no (bigs!) problems.

(darix) #87

Isn’t Neon just latest KDE on top of ubuntu? Usually our KDE team has latest KDE packages ready on the day of the release and available for all supported distros.


I think you are correct. I just thought KDE Neon is lighter. By the way, is there a manual installation option in Tumbleweed so I could pick the software I want to be installed during the installation process ?

(darix) #89

sure when you are on the installation summary click on software and then the details button or so on the lower left. then you get the full yast2 package manager view. and can pick/remove packages as you see fit.

(Mica) #90

Neon is not lighter; they’ve turned in everything!

(Brian Innes) #91

I treated myself to a refurbished HP ProBook 6450b. It’s currently running Windows 7 Pro. I think I’ll keep that for doing things like updating sat nav and other things which can’t be done easily in linux (like Anquet mapping software). I’ll certainly dual boot it with Ubuntu Mate though :slight_smile:

My main reason for buying it, is so I can back up my photos during my weeks stay in Skye later on this month. Sadly my Samsung NC10 netbook has a failed screen, so this was the easier option! Besides I found the 10" screen on the netbook a little on the small side.

(David Oliver) #92

I’m hoping to try out NixOS on my laptop soon as the declarative configuring appeals to me. Have you had any issues with installing image/photography-related software?

(Mica) #93

My major issue is that they don’t have Display Cal packaged, but that is the major issue with Nix currently, somethings just aren’t there. That is OK and there are a few users who’ve helped me update some other things as well. The major tools are there though.

I’d love to get a few more people helping package photo related stuff. Nix is one of the smoothest experiences I’ve had and the declarative config is absolutely awesome, as is the roll back mechanism.

My “base” OS is the stable channel and lots of my user packages are bleeding… Best of both worlds!

(David Oliver) #94

Thanks. I need to do more reading, but I wonder how difficult “nixifying” software is, and if it’s something that I could do. (Is it like scripting builds or does one need to know more about how the software is written?)

(Mica) #95

I can’t program at all and I’ve managed to update a number of packages. If you can program and understand how software is built, I don’t think its an issue. Plus there are lots of examples in nixpkg. It is their own config language, but it is pretty understandable. The trickiest thing is getting everything in $PATH, as they do some interesting things with LD_LOADPATH.

Note that you can install nixpkg on any Linux distro. X11 are hit or miss, but it’ll give you a taste without have to configure your whole system.


You can try React OS instead of Windows. It is an open source project targeting Windows NT and Windows 2k auditory. I have seen few good replies on distrowatch about it recently. People say you already can run many Windows software on it. It is an independent project and is not based on Linux or bsd kernel.


It seems like just yesterday (actually a month ago) that I gave a list of reasons why I couldn’t shift to Linux from Windows. The my PC’s motherboard decided to join its ancestors in the great landfill in the sky. I would have had to replace so many components that I might as well have bought a new computer, so I decided to get a Linux laptop. It came with Endless OS which I didn’t like because I couldn’t use it without registering, so I got Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 installed as dual boot.

I’ve been using it for about 10 days now in Ubuntu (booted W10 only once to check that it worked). I must say that the transition has been fairly easy, or perhaps it is just a case of ignorance is bliss. I must admit to being nervous connecting to the internet when using an OS whose security features I am unfamiliar with.

Ubuntu’s software centre makes it easy to get older versions of RawTherapee and Gimp, but getting the latest version is a bit of a challenge. RawTherapee was quite simple with clear instructions on the website but I couldn’t even find a download for Gimp. Guess I still have a lot to learn.


That line on security, basically you safer as a User in linux, where you cannot easily modify the operating system, than in Windows, although I believe Win10 is much improved.

But installing software does involve modifying ‘parts-you-cannot-ordinarily-reach’

I use KDE as the DE, and 'buntu 16.04.

First thing is add some ppa’s for more up-to-date versions. The instructions for adding are on each page.

https://launchpad.net/~otto-meier/+archive/ubuntu/gimp this will get you Gimp 2.8.22

https://launchpad.net/~otto-meier/+archive/ubuntu/gimp-edge for Gimp 2.9.5

https://launchpad.net/~dhor/+archive/ubuntu/myway - for all sorts of graphic applications, including latest Rawtherapee, Darkroom.

(Brian Innes) #99

@Andrius, I’d rather stick with having a windows install on the laptop, dual booted with Ubuntu. That’ll be the best of both worlds, Windows OS for things which require windows, and Ubuntu for everything else. :slight_smile:


Thank you, that was very helpful. I now have a ton of other questions but I’ll open another thread soon for that.