What you think about Intel XE GPU?

Is there any feedback on the Intel XE performance? Not that I am desperate, darktable runs very well on my 8th gen i5 cheap notebook with only internal GPU. But it does not run DaVinci, which needs 16Gb RAM.

So a new notebook some time in 2021 is on the list.

My thinking is Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake made quite a good catch up to AMD, but key point is, it often comes with Thunderbold, which can allow for an external GPU if needed one day. So it’s a bit more future proof.

Right now I am more into notebook + big screen rather than a new desktop.

As with all “new” things, wait and see. :thinking:

People bring up Thunderbolt as a plus for Intel. I wonder how important TB is to one’s workflow.

Linux? get nVIDIA if you want to use Resolve (you should also consider a workstation if you use Resolve a lot). On Windows Intel GPU’s works fine (I can run Resolve on a 4th gen Intel GPU).

I am on a notebook with 8Gb RAM, not really upgradeable. There are some other reasons for getting a new notebook (16:10 specially). I run Windows.

Understand, 16GB would be the absolute minimum.