Where is the log file in Windows 10 ?

Hello Guys
Sorry, it seems very basic question but can’t find a log file :roll_eyes:

Besides I try to run gmic from powershell, so i wonder if the only way to activate log file is by opening gmic with gimp and set the variable inside.


Ok I have found the answer.


File is : gmic_qt_log

But Log is only when I run from gimp. Is there a way to pass argument while running outside ?

When running from a shell, you just have to redirect the error output stderr to a file, to get the log.
On linux, this is as simple as:

$ gmic do something here >& log_file.txt

With powershell, I can’t help (never used it), but I imagine there is something equivalent.

A very detailed output can be activated in G’MIC with the debug options, but this is really really verbose and probably not much of interest.