Where to Put profiles Folder in RT 5 for Mac?


(Franz Metcalf) #1

Hi all,

Sorry to be so dim, but my profiles folder is still living in my RT4 folder in my .config folder and RT 5 has not generated a new folder there. Thus, I am not able to access all my custom profiles. I read Peter Lavender’s “RT 5’s configs are in RawTherapee4 folder” thread (RT 5’s configs are in RawTherapee4 folder), but I was not able to understand an answer there.

Do I need to do something to generate a new RT5 folder in .config, then transfer my profile folder there?

Thanks, Franz

(Mica) #2

The answer from the other thread means “it depends on who built it.”

What distribution are you using? From which repo did you install RT?


The title suggests Macintosh, i.e., OSX.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

@buddhaauthor the folder is hardcoded into the build you’re using, and the person who made that build is the one who set it to something. It’s possible that the person who made your build forgot to change that “4” to a “5” (or actually to an empty string “”). But even though the value is hard-coded, you can still override it. See the “Custom config and cache folders” section

(Franz Metcalf) #5

Yes, the Mac version: 5.0-r1-gtk3.

Meanwhile, I shall read the section Morgan_Hardwood referred to and see if it clears up how I can migrate my profiles. Perhaps it’s as easy as creating a container folder with the proper name and inserting my profiles folder. Thanks for the advice.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

Figure out which folder your RT5 build is using (ping @partha) and copy or symlink your profiles there.

I requested that all builds not use a version number at all for RT5, so the folder should be ~/.config/RawTherapee but whether that is the case I do not know.

(Franz Metcalf) #7

There does not seem to be any folder RT5 is using. There’s a RawTherapee4 folder which originally contained my profiles (before I removed them in preparation for putting them in a RawTherapee5 folder). But there’s no other folder anywhere with “Therapee” in its name. In my ~/.config folder there are five folders. They are named darktable, filezilla, gtk-2.0, gtk-3.0, and qtcurve. The gtk-3.0 folder is empty.

Not sure it’s important, but downloading and installing the RT5 file from the official site produces an application that identifies itself as 4.2 in the Mac OS get info window. It does call itself 5.0-r1-gtk3 when clicking its own About tab.

(Franz Metcalf) #8

Whoa, check that! I decided to make a new profile and see where RT would save it. Turns out RT show us the file location for the default folder: ~/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee/profiles. I went there and, sure enough (despite my search not revealing it) there is an empty profiles folder there. I copied in my old profiles, relaunched RT, and there they all were, ready to use once again.

I’m not sure this profiles etc. location is what’s specified in the RT developer’s manual (if there’s such a thing), but in my experience it’s the right place for it in terms of most Mac OS applications.

(Morgan Hardwood) #9

@buddhaauthor please download and install the build from http://rawtherapee.com/downloads again, just to make sure you’re using the latest installer (IIRC there were two, I pulled the first one after a day - maybe this is the one you’re using).

(Franz Metcalf) #10

@Morgan_Hardwood I did do that, in fact, just half an hour ago, and deleted the old version I had, so I’m definitely running the latest version. It just seems the profiles location has moved since RT4.2.


@buddhaauthor & @Morgan_Hardwood, Sorry the late answer.

Yes, RT will have all user data in the location ~/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee from now on. And yes, ~/Library/Application Support/ is the right location for all Mac application user data. It’s normally hidden just like on Windows (AppData) and Linux (“dot” folders).

It will be in the manual once we’ve ironed out all the issues with the Mac builds.

Thanks for your patience.

(Franz Metcalf) #12

@partha No worries. It was a nice reward when I thought of creating a new profile and RT gave me the whole path for where the profile would go. Loved that! I truly appreciate all the work you and everyone are doing to make RT available to us Mac folks.