Which version was the one where the UI Changed?

Additionally does anyone know where the newer versions store what files have been downloaded? I need to download and I have no way of doing so as the “Download” button remains disabled no matter what I select. FWIW This newer UI is very buggy not even the “Select videos” then download works properly as it downloads everything despite only selecting Videos etc.

I appreciate the effort just sadly have to say it’s no longer an efficient program.

Salaam @Mailad34, welcome to pixls.us.

I’m sorry you are having problems with the user interface in the 0.9 series. To answer your questions:

  1. Why the download button is disabled: Rapid Photo Downloader: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  2. How to specify which files to download: Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation

  3. The user interface has been through four major revisions: 0.x – 0.2.x; 0.3.x; 0.4.x; and now 0.9.x.

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Thanks for this reply, although my response is many months later. With respect to #1 it was cause the app thought I had already downloaded the files. I had to delete the config and start again.

As for #2. I thought it was odd that I couldn’t select files. It appears to be a bug on HiDPI setups or my theme. Example. If I have 8 files and select 2 by dragging around them. I can only click on the one checkbox not the others. I can neither select nor deselect them. If I click just above the checkbox or sometimes just below it works. The checkboxes only give issues with RPD though none of my other apps. This was why I wanted to rollback to a simpler more basic version of RPD. Thanks for the effort anyways.
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