White Picture while using G'mic filters

Hello, im new to GIMP and G’MIC and if i tried do use some film filter but some just show an white picture with nothing else is there an solution for this problem?

Example:The preset Ilford Delta 3200 in the simulate film section just shows an white picture

I seem to confirm that there’s a issue regardless of alpha status:

This one has alpha, but issue persist.

My pictures look like this most instant (Pro) category presets dont work on my pictures.
Is this some software related problem or a problem with my picture?

It’s more of a problem at the code level. @David_Tschumperle has made the code, so I will invite him to this thread. I think he’s currently asleep or about to. So you will have to wait till tomorrow.

Thank you very much

I’m not able to reproduce this problem unfortunately:

OK, bug reproduced when using Windows. May be a Windows-specific issue.

Bug found. It was an incorrect value returned in command rbf (used to interpolate CLUT keypoints here).
Here is the fix:

Filter update has been uploaded on the G’MIC website, so pressing the Update Filters button from your G’MIC-Qt plug-in should be enough to solve the issue.

Thanks for your report!