White point slider

Hi Alberto,
After compilation of last version (, I do not detect the expected slider in the Tone curve area.
(Kubuntu 20.04)

Hello, what do you mean with the “white point slider” in the Tone curve area? You’re talking about the Tone curve module in the Exposure tab I suppose?

I also see this behaviour. It is a bit of a peek-a-boo though.

If you reset the Processing Profile to neutral, activate Tone Curves and do a Auto-matched Tone curve for example the White Point slider is visible.

Something is not right here. All is a-OK, see Alberto’s comment below

EDIT: Resetting is enough, no actual need to do the Auto … part:

I checked your way, I am OK, I observed the same behavior.

The slider is still experimental, and the UI is experimental as well. Anyway, it is supposed to be visible/hidden depending on the other parameters. Currently, it only works if the tone curves are “off” or “parametric”, and in modes “standard”, “weighted standard”, “film-like” and “luminance”. If any of the two curves is not in the correct state, the white point slider will not be visible. Also, unless you have an HDR screen and plan to generate HDR-compliant output, the white point slider is completely useless. It’s a further step in trying to streamline the generation of HDR output with ART, but there’s still a long way to go… I’m not even sure the slider will be there in the next release, but I wanted to have the code committed anyway (hiding it later is easy).
So, bottom line: don’t use it :slight_smile:


Ah, I can see that slider now and I confirm it’s completely useless on my non-HDR screen ! :wink: