Wiki Loves Earth 2018

(Pat David) #1

The Wiki Loves Earth ( folks have their results in for their top images in 2018.

Organized since 2014, Wiki Loves Earth’s fifth annual contest saw 7659 different users uploading photos, of which 83% were new accounts participating for the first time. These people contributed nearly 90,000 photo uploads, captured in at least 32 countries. Four thousand of these fall under Wiki Loves Earth’s partnership with UNESCO, which encourages photographers to capture life in biosphere reserves—internationally designated protected areas that encourage sustainable development.

There are some amazing shots in the list. (I’ve got a soft spot for Cypress trees, even if they’re on the other side of the planet from me. :slight_smile: ) l. That #1 image is just incredible with such dreamy soft light and colors (contrasts nicely with the rocks and stone).

On a side note, we really need to compile a list of these types of events and contests (like wallpaper contests too) going on so we can keep everyone in the loop.