Wikipedia entries on photography


I came across the following Wikipedia entires that have a message on top indicating that there is room for improvement:

Wondering if there is anyone who is interested in updating or have thoughts regarding them.

Edit Another entry in need of improvement:

Please: practical advice on colour profiles and histograms
(Pat David) #2

I was literally just talking about this with @andabata on IRC.

More around if we should have our own wiki, but I think working on the existing documentation makes more sense (and maybe we can start a wikibook about photography in general that can be open/free for use).


I would like to be a part of that. I have always enjoyed looking up things, learning about them and sharing what I have learned with other people :slight_smile:.

(Mica) #4

We should talk about the book/wikibook. I have ideas!

(Pat David) #5

Seems like this is as good a time as any? :slight_smile:

My thoughts were originally to host something here, but it may make more sense to extend what’s already been started in some way. I think it would be neat to do a wikibook that can act as a coursework - possibly for someone starting from scratch to learn the basics and progressing on through to any of the more advanced workflows (all using Free Software, of course).

We could maybe break up the work similarly to stuff from the past (The Camera, The Negative, The Print), but updated for modern digital workflows.

I think it would be nice to find a way to produce a high-quality book/coursework to be freely available. We could involve some teachers if anyone knows of any that might be interested?

Anyone wanna take a stab at a rough outline of content? It might help us to break up the work into more manageable chunks that we could then bribe convince others to help us flesh out…


In a recent thread, when I asked @Elle to “explain like I’m five” something, she shared a site that was very easy and enjoyable to follow: I entered reader view in Firefox and had it narrate to me each level module. There is even a quiz at the end.

(Mica) #7

Here is a loose structure of what I was thinking of:

  • Overview
    • What is photography?
    • What is a camera?
  • Capturing
    • Exposure
      • Exposure triangle
        • Shutter Speed
        • Aperture
        • ISO
      • Histograms
      • Metering Modes
      • ETTR: Expose to the Right
    • Composition
      • Depth of field
      • Rule of thirds
      • The edges of the image
      • Backgrounds
      • Simplicity!
      • Compositional elements
        • Line
        • Shape
        • Color
        • Contrast


Not wanting to be the devils advocate but just some thoughts before starting:

  • Is this information already available? Why reintvent the wheel?
  • What is the new thing we would create? The FOSS aspect? Are there other new things we could bring to the table?

Just some thoughts, which I think are important to answer before starting.

BTW, I like the idea! :grin:

(Pat David) #9

Good points!

Yes, this information is available in many different places and I’m sure we’ve all used many of them in the past. The only problem I’ve seen is that many of them are all proprietary sources that aren’t suitable for Free use. (I’m referring to teaching/coursework type of material).

There are a couple of wikibooks, but the structure didn’t seem very good at first glance.

I think the new thing would primarily be the GFDL/CC-BY(-SA) licensing and the ability to focus the work/writing around Free Software primarily. I think we’ve got a very talented group of people here, and their guidance/input also allows us to attach their name to the efforts. Hopefully this can help us to get more exposure for Free Software and the folks using it to the wider world! :wink:

As a mental exercise, I think it would be awesome from an outreach perspective to be able to answer questions from new photographers by pointing them to solid documentation that was Free and could hopefully begin to serve as a reference for others to point to as well.

I’d like to replace links to with a Free option!
I’d like to produce something that could conceivably be used by a photography teacher as part of their coursework (without licensing concerns) - better to expose people early to Free Software (as a side note, this is a common tactic of companies like Autodesk - cheap/free educational versions so students start thinking it’s an essential standard - I’d like to use the same tactic, but for better reasons).


There are a few wikibooks on photography but, as @patdavid pointed out, they might not have the best structure, licensing and / or FOSS friendliness. A quick search yields:

(Mica) #11

I agree with @patdavid and also I’d hope having some good content would draw people to our community as well!

Capturing would be part one, Post Processing is part two!