Will Rapid Photo Downloader run in a widows 10 virtual machine

Please can anybody advise me…I’m short of desk and monitor space, I have a Windows 10 64bit set up as I need Windows Programmes for work. My question is will Rapid Photo Downloader run satisfactorily on a Windows 10 virtual machine. I now have lots of space now as my raw files have migrated to a NAS. The workflow would be SD card, Rapid Photo Downloader, NAS drive. Additionally, if this works the Linux virtual machine might also allow other Linux photo processing software to run.

I don’t think RPD runs on windows. If you can get it to run on WSL, it’d be unsupported.

Runs well under VirtualBox — except VirtualBox / Windows 10 have trouble cooperating over how to handle MTP devices (i.e. cellphones). USB devices like card readers are no problem, so you should be good to go there. You can download from PTP cameras too.

WSL will not work. Don’t even bother trying :wink: