Will there be G'MIC 32 bit for GIMP 2.10 for Windows?

G’MIC dev said planned on 32 bit, but not announce yet. Any progress so far? Thanks.

I’ve added links to the 32bits version of the plug-in for GIMP 2.10 (on Windows).
Haven’t tested them so please try and tell us if this is working as expected.

Link : https://gmic.eu/download.shtml


someone report this error, not sure if it windows or g’mic problem.

It isn’t a Windows problem. The fftw library needs to be linked for some filters / commands to work. See: Grain on G'MIC on Mac - #9 by David_Tschumperle.

They said they solved it, so nevermind then

Manage to install it but upon opeing it got this.

Where do the other GIMP plugins reside? I wonder whether the plugin should be in …\AppData\Roaming\… Doesn’t feel quite right.

Try moving it to program file. but got this problem.

I still can’t get G’MIC to work on Win7 32-bit. I believe the problem is that the supplied dlls are not all 32-bit. I was able to copy some of the dlls from another source that I know is 32-bit, but I still got some errors, different ones. I’m not an expert, but I suspect that some of the required dlls in the 32-bit installer are still 64-bit ones, and I don’t have the expertise to tell or to know how to change or convert them.

Ok, really I don’t know what to say.
I don’t have GIMP on Windows 32bits to test, so maybe the best solution right now is to hide the links to the 32bits plug-in from the download page.


This version of G’MIC QT does not pose a problem in Windows 7 32-bit:


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Thank you, samj! I just tried your solution and it worked. I simply placed the unzipped folder into the proper directory as shown and all is well.

Boa noite!, I was wondering if you still have the compressed file of this link, because the same link is down, it says “Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server.” And if you do, could you please upload it on mega, and i can download it? It will help me a lot.


Here is a 32-bit Win version compiled today from G’MIC Version 2.9.9 (pre-release #210819).

Volume : 29,1 Mo (30 546 761 octets)
MD5 : 1ef84869430b729422e6491353822313

Instructions in the ‘lisez-moi.txt’ file of the archive.

Tested on Gimp-2.10.24 32-bit gimp.org / Win 7 32-bit

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Really thank you, you helped me alot!

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Here is a new 32-bit Win version compiled today from G’MIC Version 2.9.9

Volume : 25,5 Mo (26 824 792 octets)
MD5 : 92e8b8f65b27070895f04b42521b623c

GMIC 2.9.9 + GMIC-QT + GMIC-GIMP-QT for Win 32bit

Here is a method for installing or updating:
1 - Locate and delete the existing \gmic_gimp_qt subdirectory of your version of Gimp 2.10 Win 32
2 - Unzip this archive.
3 - Copy the entire \gmic_gimp_qt directory from the decompressed archive to the old location located in 1
5 - Start GIMP 2.10. Import an image and activate Filters > G’MIC-QT…
6 - Make an update of the filters with the button or shortcut Ctrl+R

Use the G’MIC CLI version
1 - Click on ‘start_terminal_with_test_gmic.bat’ directory \gmic_gimp_qt
2 - Type a command in a terminal, for example : gmic demos

Use the G’MIC QT version
1 - Click on ‘gmic_qt.exe’ directory \gmic_gimp_qt


Here is a new version for Gimp 2.99 32-bit Win :


Volume : 25,8 Mo (27 063 076 octets)
MD5 : 239e1855ae7e1739723cd0e2beb36817

Install : readme.txt in the archive
Tested on Gimp 2.99.6 & Gimp 2.99.7 Win 32

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