Windows instantiation

Has anyone taken a poke at building a Windows version of RPD? I ask as I’m thinking about attempting it and was wondering if there were many serious pitfalls.

I’m marginally Python conversant and this would be as much a task in honing my Python skills as anything.

I am looking for a tool for using in conjunction with Capture One Pro, whose file handling capabilities have thus far not proven to be what I’m looking for.


The API Windows 10 provides to interact with cameras is totally different from that provided by libgphoto2, which Rapid Photo Downloader requires on Linux. So a Windows version of Rapid Photo Downloader would require being rewritten to use that API — or it would require using a lower level, older Windows API that was introduced with Windows Vista: Re: Linux: Rapid Photo Downloader faster than Windows 10?: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

AFAIK libgphoto2 barely works on Windows.

Then there are APIs to respond to events like disks being mounted & ejected.

All in all those two aspects are a world of work unless one is already up to speed with Windows programming.

On the plus side because Rapid Photo Downloader is written using Qt 5, at least the UI would be easy to port.

The main take away is: it’s a big job to port, which is why I didn’t do it already.

Ok. Thanks for the information.

I’m definitely NOT up to speed with Windows programming, so it sounds like this is very much a non-starter.

Have a great day

Where is located the source code?

I can suggest using either exiftool script or digikam’s Import function to import and sort images on Windows. There was another program too, it is mentioned on somewhere but I don’t think it is up to date.