wine AdobeDNGConverter

I’m having trouble following this instruction to install AdobeDNGConverter.
I get /home/j/Downloads/AdobeDNGConverter_x64_13_2.exe: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
when exxecuting WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine-dng" ‘/home/j/Downloads/AdobeDNGConverter_x64_13_2.exe’

I’m on debian buster. By chance someone can help or some idea? Never used wine before.
Trying to convert cr3 files to dng. Since I’m having trouble in rawtherapee - images are white when opend.

Looks like you’re missing the word wine.

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Ups. Thanks man!!
Now the command is executing but I get “This Program does not support the version of windows you are using”
wincfg changing version did not help.

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For Buster, you may consider using the winehq repo, see

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Took some time but I’ve installed wine 6.9, but with adobeDNGconverter 13.2 and I get:

This programm does not support the version of Windows your computer is using.

winecfg windows version is set to 10.
Can someone help?

got it now.
Needed to do

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine-dng" winecfg
instead of just winecfg