Woke up early enough to cook my ham.

Happy Easter to my friends here at PIXLS. Hope and pray you all have a blessed day.

Just did the final glaze and 30 minutes from now, will be chomping on it before I head off to work; only wish I bought some potatoes so I’ll be using the re-hydrated kind for this morning. lol



I was expecting an abstract ham!

OK, Afre; did this Shank of Bunnies just for you. lol

ref: https://tsgcookin.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Ham-21-640x640.jpg



How many bunnies are there? Is there one kind or several? Where is the vegan or plush-free option?

Now you asketh for too mucheth, afre. lol

Have no idea as far as how many bunnies were used. Used DAP to create this one using my bunnies preset. Below someone archived most of my object oriented DAP presets (my little niche with DAP). :slight_smile: