Wonderful software


(Erwann Loison) #1

Useless post, I know. But I wanted to congratulate and thank the people behind it.
I’ve always hated the way lightroom works (mostly for the import, library and export handling) and using Photoshop’s camera raw is just as good, although the lack of file browser and rating makes it a pain in the ass to use with many files.
Raw Therapee seem to be the best of both worlds and so much more: Fantastic!

Keep it up!


I have to agree, RawTherapee is a great software for developing raw files and it inspires me much more than Lightroom, which I have been using for many years until recently.


I echo this, but I don’t think its a useless post, everyone needs recognition (see S. Freud)

(Pat David) #4

Hardly a useless post, and in fact I think the devs don’t get a fraction of the credit they deserve!


It would only be useless if everybody posted thanks for free software. I can tell you for sure that won’t happen :wink: