workaround to start gimp via lua under windows


Hi folks,

launching an executable via lua under windows, e.g. gimp, doesn’t work at the moment because df.check_if_bin_exists() in the lua-script throws an error.

A simple workaround to get gimp going is the following:

  • remove/comment the following lines within contrib/gimp.lua (right at the start of gimp_edit()).
    if not df.check_if_bin_exists(“gimp”) then
    dt.print_error(_(“GIMP not found”))
  • copy gimpVERSION.exe in the bin-folder to gimp.exe (omit the VERSION-index)
  • add the path to gimp’s bin-folder to the windows path (e.g. “c:\program files\gimpVERSION\bin”)
  • add the following line to luarc:
    require “contrib\gimp”

When starting darktable the new option “Edit with GIMP” should now appear under “lighttable:export selected”. Give it a try …


(Tobias) #2

Thanks to @wpferguson the latest version of the Gimp.lua script does now work on Windows too.


I got the GIMP script to work with Affinity Photo, Photoshop Elements or Portrait Pro software under Windows. Nice. I even got it to work with the Nik Collection (e.g. Viveza). Works well with 16-bit, ProPhoto RGB, uncompressed tiffs.


Hi Tobias,

just tested, and it works fanatastic. Great idea of wpferguson to let the user set the path. This solves the version-dilemma and makes it easy to apply it with other software as well (see sankos). What a cool piece of software this darktable is :sunglasses:.

Many thanks to both of you!

(ph. weyland) #5

I’ve made a try with Gimp 2.9.5-cce and 2.9.6-std on windows 10. Gimp gets started but it seems that the script continues before Gimp exits (I see the images appear in dt before Gimp is really started), giving this message:
while the log is like this:

LUA “C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.9.6-std\GIMP-2.9.6-std.exe” C:\Users\philippe\AppData\Local\Temp\20180310_Ipoema_004.jpg
LUA moving C:\Users\philippe\AppData\Local\Temp\20180310_Ipoema_004.jpg to D:\Documents\Images\Photos\2010\2018\20180310_Ipoema/20180310_Ipoema_004.jpg
LUA importing file
LUA 20180310_Ipoema_004.NEF is a member
LUA 20180310_Ipoema_004.JPG is a member
LUA Already in group

Is there something I should do to make the script waits ?