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I’d like to cull and rate my photos in digiKam, and then edit in RawTherapee. Is there a way that RT can read those ratings in produced in DK? Or, a better question might be, what is the ideal way of culling/rating photos in an efficient manner using FOSS software, with the end editor being RawTherapee? Hopefully that makes sense, but I can try to explain better if not. Thanks in advance for your help.

If you want to catalog in digiKam, why is it important for RawTherapee to see that metadata? Launch RawTherapee without the file browser and do all your management in digiKam.

If I have a folder with a few hundred RAW files in it, I might just want to see the ones I’ve already pre-selected for a given purpose. For example, if I have picked the 5-star photos in DK, I’d like to just be able to see those in RT.

You can either embed those ratings into the file’s xmp metadata or write a script to copy the info from the the xmp sidecar to a pp3 sidecar

Sounds like a quick and easy solution is out of the question. Ok, thanks for the response.

I still don’t understand why you want partial catalong in digiKam and part in RawTherapee… What does that get you?

I think I understand the idea.

Let’s say he has a thousand files in a folder, and he goes all the way to catalog them with star ratings.

Let’s say that the only images with 5-star rating are no.37, no.490, no.650, and no. 915. Those are the only ones he wants to process, and the only ones he wants to see in RT file browser, so he doesn’t have to look over the entire set of images to find the desired ones.

From my point of view, not an unreasonable idea, but I don’t know if it can be done.

But why not filter the view in digiKam if you’re already using digiKam for cataloging?

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XavAL has it correct. Because I’m editing in RawTherapee. I can go through my photos in DK a lot faster than I can in RT. My idea was to be able to rate them in DK, and then bring up the views I want in RT and edit there.

A possible workaround if you wish to keep using both DK and RT would be like this:

  • rate your images with DK
  • filter the images you want to further edit
  • select and move them to a new subfolder (I’m not a DK user, but I bet it could be easily done)
  • open RT and go to that subfolder to edit your desired images (and only those)

I think that’s not really difficult and takes only a few seconds more.

Or an alternative: filter the view in digiKam and launch RT in single editor window mode. When finished editing, go back to DK and launch RT on the next photo.

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Thanks for the responses; it really is appreciated. I actually learned DK before I learned RT, so I might need to take some more time mucking around in RT to improve how I use it. My end goal is really just to improve my efficiency in culling and rating photos before editing them, so perhaps my answer is in that approach.