X-Trans fix for X-E3

First of all I’d like to say thank you for implementing this feature, it seems like you guys are the first to tackle it so far!

Anyway, the fix_xtrans script does not recognize my camera, a Fujifilm X-E3. I’m assuming I just have to put in the correction information manually in the Preferences -> Pre-Processing window, but I just wanted to make sure I do it right. So just to clarify, the AF pixels should define the region affected by the autofocus region of the sensor and the Sample pixels should be some unaffected region on the sensor? How many pixels should I aim to include in the sample region to get a good correction?

Hello. Does your images have the square pattern issue? If yes, please share at least ten dark frames (at least 60s each). We are about to release a new beta version. Maybe we (@setnes and I) could take a look before.
It’s a camera we never tested.

Yes, my camera does have the square pattern issue, sorry for not making that clear. This camera has the same X-Trans III sensor that the X-T2/X-T20/etc has. Here’s a link to 10, 120s dark frames. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Your DSLR is added for next release.

So far you can use these values for AF:
{ 1510, 504, 3009, 3019 },

And this one for sample:
{ 1992, 990, 2048, 2048 }

In preference dialog.


Thanks! This worked perfectly.

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