X-Trans-Matrix some moire effect, or what the hell i don't know whats the f***** problem is


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Hi Girls an Guys,

at first i excuse my worse english. You will know it, if you read. Later.
So. I hope really you can help me a lil bit. I’m almost awake about 29Hours. Soon i will i go to bed, cause my punkband and i want to practice this day, its 5 o clock in the morning an we meet us at 6pm.
my fucking problem is, that i have RT on my laptop, a dell inspiron 1545 b.C. i use a x-Pro1, and till yesterday (whatever that means to me now) i worked really friendly with it. Than. Ba ba ba baaaaaa.
I found the … ba ba ba baaaaa! matrix-setting-shizzle-wizzle, and i loved it, cause i almost shoot in raw, with ISO till the end, and the modus ‘mono’ in the x-trans-matrix section, gives a really really really nice soft and absolut not viee for my pics, so i can start changing settings, and so on and so on.
But that i realize that everytime, when i use this modus, the pics get in some resolution … squares. i searched and they called it moire effect. fuckin hell. So no i think it could be, cause the bayer-matrix and the x-trans are fighting, and both are winning. I tryed to set different settings in bayer to the x-trans. nothing worked, than i found out that maybe its about the higher contrast, or white settings.
Could that be? really? I mean, really? Is it really, distortion or squares if i use higher iso?
Please help me out, i have to learn the lyrics.

Thx for reading,

Chris i dont know.

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Super helpful if you post some examples of what you’re seeing and perhaps the raw files too.

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From here
Mono is only useful for users of either monochrome cameras, or cameras with the color filter array removed.

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Hi @steiner! There’s quite a few people here who I think would be happy to help you, but I think we are having a hard time to understand what exactly is wrong?

Could you possibly edit your post or clarify exactly what the problem is, and what exactly are the steps that produce your problem? You can upload a test raw file to http://filebin.net if you want someone to have a look at it.

These problems can be technically complex, so it helps to be as clear and concise as possible to help us to help you! :slight_smile:

Also, consider having a quick read on other ways to help us to help you:

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In other words the pixel patterns you are seeing Steiner are the expected result of using the mono toggle on normal raw files.

You have to use other means to create greyscale images.


Swearing isn’t helpful either!

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Is that Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony?

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You had a question and though it was almost unreadable I found out what you probably asked and gave you an answer. @nosle also answered you even more detailed than I did.
Instead of giving feedback on this answers you just answered jap!

In my opinion this disqualifies you from using this forum.



I assume he meant to say “yup!”

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Does that make it better?

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@steiner we are all happy to help solve problems here, but you need to help us help you.

Did anything on this thread solve your problem? If so, what was it?

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Jap! Means YES!!!

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Hi there, i am very happy about your respond. There was alot which helped me to understand RT more. It is a very powerfull Software and at this Point i understand the less i do on it, the more it Works. Thx a Lot. Now i try to close this thread.

LG ( means; liebe Grüße / greetings ) :slight_smile: