Yet again, the Milky Way

Just a day after Dorian went away (it as just a tropical storm at that time, and passed south of where I live in Guadeloupe), the sky was not too cloudy, but Saharan dusts were coming back. I still wanted to try and get a few shots of the Milky Way over the see.
The result is okay, nothing really breathtaking as I couldn’t see a most interesting part (the core) of the galaxy, but I thought I’d still share a couple images here:

Overlapping raw files were developed, stacked and preprocessed in Siril, the resulting TIFF’s were stitched in Hugin, then the stitched images were further processed in RawTherapee and Gimp.

Edit: each overlapping frame is a stack of 10 light frames, from which dark noise was subtracted from a master dark frame, itself being a stack of 20 dark frames.


This is a good result! Well done.

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