YI M1 Noise Profile

(Francisco Saavedra) #1

I’m trying to profile my YI M1, and have succesfully created the json file, but when I run

darktable --noiseprofiles /usr/share/darktable/noise/presets.json

as instructed by the profiling script, I still only see “Generic Poissonian” in the profiled denoise module, so I haven’t been able to test the profile. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Here are the generated files:


Noise Profile Tarball

Noise profile for Canon EOS Rebel T6i
(Mica) #2

I am about to do the same thing for my Yi M1… Were you able to teather it, or did you just shoot the exposures manually?


Good morning @kuroyume!

In darktable, tab correction group , lens correction: what camera/lens combination is reported?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Francisco Saavedra) #4

I took the exposures manually. It took a few tries to get them right

(Francisco Saavedra) #5


You may be up to something @Claes, the lens correction module reports the camera as Fujifilm, X-M1. despite the image information module correctly reporting the camera make and model.



I just found the error (or at least one of them) :slight_smile:
In your preset.json change maker to XIAOYI
(judging from the only raw sample image that I have found).

Good luck!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Francisco Saavedra) #7

Thank’s I’ll try that when i get home from work.

(Francisco Saavedra) #8

Didn’t work, the camera name in the lens correction module changed to “generic crop sensor (2.00x)” but still no noise profile in the denoise module


Is that actually the path to your newly generated presets.json file?

(Francisco Saavedra) #10

@houz indeed it it is


This is peculiar! It works just fine on my machine.
Here are the steps I took:

  1. Download sample YI M1 file, like this one
  2. Fetch your presets.json from post above
  3. Change your maker to XIAOYI (as per above)
  4. Since the modified presets.json is in my current directory, I start darktable in this way
    /opt/darktable/bin/darktable --noiseprofiles ./presets.json
  5. I navigate to the sample file that I downloaded in step 1, open it in darkroom, select the correction group tab and expand module denoise (profiled). Success!

Now, there is another thing that bothers me… I suspect that my sample image and your images do not report maker in the same way! Your dump (above) reports maker YI TECHNOLOGY. My sample reports maker XIAOYI.

Isn’t life puzzling?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Francisco Saavedra) #12

@Claes interesting. I’ll try it with the sample wwhen I get home. Also, I suspect the difference in maker may be due to the DPReview samples being taken with early firmware, while I’m on the latest one.


This sounds strange. Why would the lens correction module change when editing the noise profile data? What exactly did you do to change the maker?

(Mica) #14

I’ve changed the maker field in pretests.json to YI TECHNOLOGY as that is what is reported in my DNG file.

(Mica) #15

Here is my presets.json:

  "version": 0,
  "noiseprofiles": [
      "maker": "YI TECHNOLOGY",
      "models": [
          "comment": "m1 contributed by mica@silentumbrella.com",
          "model": "M1",
          "profiles": [
            {"name": "M1 iso 100", "iso": 100, "a": [1.10711453293077e-05, 4.5553049100813e-06, 1.00316690340124e-05], "b": [-4.13243840571984e-10, 9.05781134283873e-09, 3.41324581919006e-08]},
            {"name": "M1 iso 200", "iso": 200, "a": [1.10476862785712e-05, 4.55166027805942e-06, 9.61731856173001e-06], "b": [1.71033267821898e-08, 1.26022105005497e-08, 2.78265979780639e-08]},
            {"name": "M1 iso 400", "iso": 400, "a": [2.1431686899096e-05, 8.68606734792238e-06, 1.833514118073e-05], "b": [2.13227367322229e-08, 2.61654826555548e-08, 6.34335556927895e-08]},
            {"name": "M1 iso 800", "iso": 800, "a": [4.10928259840626e-05, 1.68942240848889e-05, 3.56925638897857e-05], "b": [6.83307060087334e-08, 5.88159491597772e-08, 1.27285727863453e-07]},
            {"name": "M1 iso 1600", "iso": 1600, "a": [8.13184188347158e-05, 3.34187840992974e-05, 7.26354852980862e-05], "b": [1.93897140543902e-07, 1.5257620830091e-07, 2.42951564559548e-07]},
            {"name": "M1 iso 3200", "iso": 3200, "a": [0.000167691097936184, 6.80753718157227e-05, 0.000148687911877462], "b": [4.34429630877549e-07, 4.15445996975158e-07, 4.43719759326219e-07]},
            {"name": "M1 iso 6400", "iso": 6400, "a": [0.000356457116722712, 0.000147588142592895, 0.000311292370801957], "b": [8.55254329452434e-07, 9.74046195035361e-07, 7.16209612055463e-07]}

(Mica) #16

The profiled denoise should be added in 2.6 for the Yi M1.

(Francisco Saavedra) #17

sweet, thanks

(Mica) #18

My version above is missing the two highest isos, I will update it today.

(Roman Lebedev) #19

Don’t be so pessimistic :slight_smile:

(Mica) #20

That’s what the bug report said last time I looked at it :slight_smile:
I’ve already added it to my json file locally. It is working well.