You're crushing it M. Pierre and friends

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year :nerd_face:s!

Preview of crushed @aurelienpierre.

550D: Dual ISO → DNG (Preview may have scan lines depending on your raw processor’s settings. May suffer from shaky hands. More for you to wrestle with I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:)
_MG_1451.DNG (36.1 MB)

Image licensed under Creative Commons Licence by @afre.


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There was a small electrical fire to the right of this bag two days ago. :fire: Lost the internet and electricity meter wiring. Luckily, it was very cold and the fire didn’t enter the house. No one was hurt.

Yikee, glad everyone is OK!

Used the camspec-based Canon 500D SSF profile, and a rather flat filmic curve, in rawproc:

At my day job, we refer to it as “close enough for government work…” :smiley:

Threw my most recent saved style from speedway action, and tweaked a little.
Attempted to keep some detail in the snow while upping the exposure.

Darktable 3.2.1
_MG_1451.DNG.xmp (24.6 KB)

@heckflosse (being RawTherapee’s demosaicing man):

Assuming for the moment that RawTherapee can handle this type of RAW file: How would I need to approach this? I’ve been trying many (combinations of) settings and all I get is a pink+white image. Tried to search for RT specific dual iso solutions, but haven’t been able to get anywhere.

What am I missing here or is my assumption wrong and is dealing with these specific RAWs not (yet) possible in RaweTherapee?

@Jade_NL For context, I processed the CR2 file using cr2hdr, which outputs the DNG. I used the defaults. (Changed model name to EOS 550D first) It also looks like cr2hdr could use some refinement. E.g. camera data, WP/BP, demosaicing, anti-aliasing, etc. Take a look at your leisure @LuisSanz @heckflosse @aurelienpierre @hanatos and friends.

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nice. does cr2hdr now support 64-bit builds? i used to need to hack it to compile on my non-lib32 system (still somewhere on my github but probably way outdated by now:

that said i had a look at the magic lantern raw video format .mlv and now it’s supported (with audio) in vkdt. i think the whole magic lantern ecosystem is really cool. and in fact the dual iso module is supported as well as some kind of hdr video with alternating iso per frame… i might be interested in including this feature at some point in the future, too.

Looks like the built *.exe is 32-bit.