Processing and managing images after they've been captured, using various free software from RAW processing to panorama stitching and much, much more.


General off-topic discussions and casual conversations. Have fun!


Discussions about software in general, not necessarily tied to a process or workflow that would fit better in the Processing category.


This is the place to exhibit your finished works. You've sweated over, modified, adjusted, and tweaked until you finally reached this version of your vision. The one you want to share with everyone to really show what you're capable of producing!


A category to discuss gear, DIY, hacks, and more. From a shiny new lens to an awesome DIY project, this is the place to talk about all the fun ways to approach equipment for photography!


Discussions related to the website or this forum itself.
Particularly around any issues, enhancements, suggestions, etc…


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This category is for soliciting feedback and advice from other users.


All about capturing an image and what we go through to do it.

Digital Painting

Creating paintings and artwork using techniques that have been carried over from physical media. This includes discussing methods for emulating physical characteristics in software.