A first attempt with darktable

Thanks for sharing, here is another version with DT (current master) and filmic.

20221122_134044_0001_01.ORF.xmp (15.9 KB)

I’ve been away from the PC in the last few days, but reading on the cellphone. I’ve been wanting to do this same crop. :+1:

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My try.

darktable 4.1.0~git1081.956b53c9-8631.1

007 James Bond Frame :grin:

The only different. In the watermark module, I use a dots.png file to create the dots effect into the circle.

20221122_134044_0001.ORF.xmp (12.9 KB)

dots.zip (957 Bytes)

Thanks for share.


Nice photo, very delicate. I’m curious how it will compare to others.

20221122_134044_0001.ORF.xmp (13.4 KB)


I see you used a drawn & parametric mask. Could you please explain me how you set the parametric mask? Using just the hue sliders to select the blueish hue of the sky? Did you take advantage of the range color picker?

Many interesting edits, thank you all! I’ll need some days to study them all!

I think the gradient alone works nice here. But often (if possible) i just select a profile of the sky for hue and luminance - just to be a little more precise.
More important is the feathering and mask contrast. Just get a good feathering radius and often do increase the mask contrast a bit, to reduce the mask bleeding into the landscape.

The last 3 show quite strong halo-ing around the edges between the trees and the sky. Or is me, or the smaller pixls-preview?

My own version (this sounds bad, not trying to say mine is ‘better’ than priorts of anything!! I just noticed it on his version, and hope mine doesn’t have it as well :see_no_evil: ).

Otherwise a boring version I guess, maybe with too little punch in the highlights. I did try to bring the sky out more, but there are almost no real clouds to speak of :slight_smile: .

20221122_134044_0001.ORF.xmp (11.7 KB)

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My attempt


Ya I noted that in the comments… I didn’t go back to fix it… I mentioned that it was interesting that I did not see it at 100% zoom but for sure in the full screen preview… On export the full screen proved to be representative which often is the opposite :slight_smile:

20221122_134044_0001_01.ORF.xmp (11.9 KB)

Tweak of the Tone eq mask seems to correct it…

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It can be a good place to start or people will also just turn on the mask display and then see how it evolves as they adjust the sliders… A good combination for a mask is hue and chroma… often you can use the chroma to refine where the hue is selected…

My second attempt, after learning from your examples. I think I’m improving.

20221122_134044_0001_02.ORF.xmp (32.9 KB)


Very nice… @s7habo is a master of color contrast. I know he has used many techniques to enhance landscapes and foliage. I recall one video where he had lot of green and he did a really nice job to isolate and pull out the different hues and tones… your image has so many green hues that it could go in many directions. WB would also really impact it… If matching the look to the day was important I think this is one where you would have to be there to nail it :slight_smile:

Where is this shot if you don’t mind sharing??

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This is my backyard, so to speak. The little village is called Revigliasco, near Turin in Italy.


Hi @qmpel, how did you manage to give a name to some of your module instances? Like that for tone equilizing the sky, that is called tone equilizer sky .

Hold the ctrl key then click the name of the module - I think…

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Yes, that’s right, thank you!

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Yes, easiest way as @123sg says. Otherwise you have the little menu which also allows to make new instances of the module.


bonus info:
I like to create some base styles, which contain often used modules named at possibly different positions in the pipeline. I find that very convenient.



Your question regarding the renaming of module instances has already been answered, but I’d like to draw your attention to darktable’s excellent documentation. For basic questions related to handling darktable, you can usually get answers instantly, without having to wait for others.

For the stable version, 4.0: https://docs.darktable.org/usermanual/4.0/en/
WIP version: https://darktable-org.github.io/dtdocs/en/

Searching for instance name:

The first two pages returned by the search mention the Ctrl+click shortcut.

Now, to actually contribute to the naming issue as well :slight_smile: : there is a preference, prompt for name on addition of new instance. If enabled, you’ll be able to set the name immediately. It’ll be pre-filled with an ordinal number, like this:
See the bottom of the page darktable 4.0 user manual - darkroom.

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Hi @solitone
is tried to focus the image on the clock tower and used a LUT 3D from the HaldCLUTs

20221122_134044_0001.ORF.xmp (15.8 KB)

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