A tone equalizer in darktable ?


I use LoG all of the time. :+1:



(Alberto) #44

right click, copy URL.
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, every time I link a video from filebin it seems to work at first, but then it gets screwed up…


It sends me to a download page, which is okay.

(Aurélien Pierre) #46

could you try with details = 1px ? I haven’t had such strong effect with other pictures.

(Aurélien Pierre) #47

Ok I have found several errors in the indexations (out of bound stuff and passing negative shifts to size_t – as always, I’m a moron)

(Alberto) #48

sorry, I forgot to add that the raw is available from here, if you want to use it for testing:


taken from this post: Local Lab build