AppImage needs testing

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #61

@agriggio @sguyader Thanks for checking!

Part of the slowness might come from the fact that some UI elements have to be read from the bundle, which is de-compressed on the fly. A way to check this would be to extract the contents of the AppImage to disk, and run it from the extracted folder. Here are the instructions taken from the official documentation:

sudo apt install libarchive-tools # Or any other method to get `bsdtar`
mkdir AppDir
cd AppDir
bsdtar xfp /home/me/Downloads/Some.AppImage

Meanwhile I will have a look at the lensfun db.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #62

I have uploaded a new appimage package which includes a proper support for lens fun corrections. If you could give it a try and confirm it works it would be great!

(Alberto) #63

I just gave it a quick try: everything seems to work! :sparkler::fireworks::+1:
Thanks again!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #64

Great! @Morgan_Hardwood at this point the AppImage package seems to be rather solid… would you like that we proceed to clean-up the bash scripts and then add the corresponding travis configuration to the official repo?

(Morgan Hardwood) #65

@Carmelo_DrRaw yes! Let’s set up a meeting via private message.