ART feature requests and discussion

It’s great to see this thread so active, hopefully @agriggio agrees :wink:
Now that 1.3 is out, is it worth starting a new thread to keep it a more manageable size? Or should we wait until 2.0 for a new thread?

Good remark : clin d’œil:

From the days I used to provide a windows package for RT, I think I remember this exe was included. But it’s been a long time, I may be wrong.

After, this point eluded to all people as it was not documented in rawpedia.

Good evening @agriggio, I have a request regarding the opening in an external publisher from Art. At the moment we have the possibility to transfer an image to Gimp, or another editor for which we have indicated the path. Would it be possible to set Art to let all the editors you want to access it? I.e. to parameterize all the desired editors, and to choose in a drop-down menu which would appear by clicking on the external editor icon? this would allow the automatic opening of the desired editor (gimp, krita, paint…) without having to enter the parameters constantly.
do you think this could be useful ?
Thank you.

Sure that’s possible. Already possible in fact :slight_smile:
Let’s just do it the unix way:


editor_names="Gimp Krita Geeqie" # EDITME - list of editors
for e in $editor_names; do
    i=$(expr $i + 1)
    args="$args $i $e"
selected=$(zenity --list --column="ID" --column="Name" --title="Select the Editor" --height=400 --hide-column=1 --print-column=1 $args)

if [ "$selected" = "1" ]; then
    /opt/appimages/GIMP.appimage "$@" # EDITME - command line for GIMP
elif [ "$selected" = "2" ]; then
    /opt/appimages/krita-4.1.7-x86_64.appimage "$@" # EDITME - krita
elif [ "$selected" = "3" ]; then
    /opt/geeqie/bin/geeqie "$@" # EDITME - geeqie
    exit 0

just save the above in a file (e.g., make it executable, and modify the command lines where marked. It should work…

That’s awesome!!! Thanks @agriggio.
It really makes you want to learn how to write scripts… :+1: :pray:

@agriggio I was wondering if you might consider adding the snapshot name as a naming suffix so you could send them out to export with an identifier…dark table has added a version tag that can grab the name given to a duplicate and you can use that in a file name also related maybe a way to select and or select all snapshots and send to the processing queue??

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Ok, now that I have used masks in real cases, I definitely would like a Radius value per shape ! That would solve lots of my problems to have variable gradation for a given area. I’m can try to code that if you want.

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I just saw on your bitbucket that you merged the industry. What a job! :taper: Really well done! We just have to wait for Alberto’s final test :heart_eyes:

I am +0 on blurring/feathering individual shapes (I assume that’s what you mean). The reason is that this new behaviour could not emulate the old one, which I like (not surprisingly). So we would need both global sliders and individual sliders, and that’s a lot of sliders. So, I’m not saying no, but if you want to go ahead, just a warning that I might say no… I would need to see how it works first.

Ok, I’ll only add a checkbox at the end of the blur slider to “Enable single radius mode”, take care of the rest and demonstrate how great it would be to obtain smooth transition. I’ll probably wait on your review/merge of the actual patch though.

So you’ve tried my polygon-area branch ?

Hello @hombre, I tried your polygon-area version which I find very intuitive and powerful.As I’m used to working with a graphics tablet, using the mouse (from the trackpad at home) is easier with the polygon shortcuts and the trackpad’s up and down swip (equivalent of the scroll wheel) works well for rounding and is very intuitive… sometimes I lose the rounding shortcut and switch to the image zoom which is confusing !
I know it’s a development version… and I compiled it out of curiosity and impatience ! :wink:

Everybody here that can build is being trying polygon-area :astonished:
Very promising, intuitive and easy to use even with a mouse.
One thing bother me, it is the risk when you want to round a point with shift +drag, to unfortunately move the entire shape.

So we are impatiently waiting for finalisation and imprimatur from @agriggio :crazy_face:

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@gaaned92 I never experienced that, but you’re right, it’s a risk. Same for dragging a segment instead of a point. Maybe the mouse over circle could be 4px larger in diameter to minimize the risk, but for very close knots it will then be difficult to click on the previous one (the next one will be over it).

I’m opened to suggestion, if it remains fluid and accessible to most devices. Maybe dragging a segment or entire shape with button 2 instead of button 1 could be a solution. Comments from @agriggio would be welcome before starting a patch.

I will merge in master later today :+1:
I noticed the glitch when using the scroll wheel (accidentally zooming in/out), and I agree with your proposal to have the mouse over circle slightly larger. But this fine tuning can be done after I merge.




:tada: :tada: :tada:


Congratulations, seems to work very well when I tested. I really like how easy it is to move points or add new ones in between others.
I can’t believe how a couple of you just implement a major new feature so quickly, then it just works…