ART feature requests and discussion

That’s really a nice addition! I found it’s use not only for resizing on export (this way, resizing is not hard coded anymore in the .arp) but also for applying film simulations. For example for some stuff I like to have a black & white copy along the original colored versions. I made a partial profile with my most used b&w film simulation (Fuji Across) and I use it on a second export pass, without having to mess with the original full .arp profile.

another request: dt3.0’s new denoising module. Especially the non-local means part of it. I don’t know how easy it is to port over, but it would be worth it. ART’s denoising just can’t compete quality wise (I suspect it’s RTs module?!). Do you want me to compile a convincing showcase?

request (or bug): ARTs lens correction module has not all profiles that dt3.0 has. Or it doesn’t get loaded (Windows build here)?

Apart from that: the longer I use ART the more I like it! Fantastic work.

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yes, because until further evidence my opinion is quite different :slight_smile: but I’m happy to be proven wrong


I suppose the windows build has a slightly outdated lensfun db then

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I’ll put some effort in it. Let’s see when I can present my case…on the weekend probably.


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do you have a list (even partial) of missing lensfun profiles?
Can you check the value inside timestamp.txt?

That’s not exactly the conclusion I drew from, after scrutinizing all contributions on my pc (unfortunately some photos were uploaded in reduced size that precluded a satisfactory viewing). But I can be wrong.

at least the Fujinon XF 35/2 Profile is missing. If I click on manual, I can only select like 5 fujinon XF lenses.
I’ll check the timestamp.txt as soon as I am back on that computer. I’ll edit this post then.

Very Interesting…I’ll make sure to cover this case as well.

Then you need to update your lensfun database. On Linux you can type lensfun-update-data in a console (as root if you want to have the update system-wide), but I don’t know how it works on Windows.

That somehow means that the lensfun db that comes with an ART1.0 install is not the newest one, or any autoupdate that should run isn’t running? I’ll check as soon as I am back on that computer.

which installer did you use? When I prepared the “official” one, I did update the lensfun db. but maybe I screwed something up… :slight_smile:


EDIT: timestamp.txt says 1447322002
EDIT2: that would mean GMT : Thu, 12 Nov 2015 09:53:22 GMT

ok, then I did screw up :slight_smile:

Discussion caught my eye, as I’m trying to figure out how to package lensfun data in rawproc…

The lensfun-update-data app is a python script. Looking through it, doesn’t appear to use Windows data locations, Unix only. So, it has two base URLs for downloading, and this the only one that works:

versions.json contains the timestamp, the available versions, and a URL field that currently is not populated. The database tar.bz2s are in the same directory as versions.json, so:

gets you a version_1 database with the same timestamp (currently 1581080049)

Edit: 1581080049 = Fri 07 Feb 2020 05:54:09 AM MST

As I have lensfun package installed in W10/MSYS2, I can use lensfun-update-database. But thats not possible for users that don’t have the MSYS2 installed. What can be done?

Why the last DB update is not searched in the Lensfun repository ? it’s a mystery to me.
And I use a version_2 in my builds.

If I had to guess, they’re using a ‘legacy’ script from back when they hosted at SourceForge, and haven’t taken the time to redirect their workflow.

LensFun is short on people… If you can help, you should!

Some thoughts about ART (great development and software by the way):
ART would be much easier to find information on, or as a software package, if it had a less common name. I suggest AgRT as Ag matches the developer name, Ag it is the silver of photography, and silver is generally a nice metal (but I can also imagine ART-photo, or AaRT to be more findable in forums and search engines).
Then, I’m bothered by the menus that I have to change from ‘Linear’ (which basically means: “do nothing”) to a curve. This is a fiddly action that somehow duplicates the enabling of the module. Especially in the HSL Equalizer there is nothing to choose between ‘on’ and ‘off’. This suggestion is perhaps better suited for RT.
Finally, if a module could be enabled at the moment settings are changed, that could make operation more intuitive. Expand, edit, it works. Click disable just to temporarily undo and compare.

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just a quick teaser for a new feature that I’m working on… :slight_smile:


@Sympa +1

Alberto, you’re incredible!