Assumption of responsibility format RAW from Canon CR3

Hello everyone

With the new version of darktable 2.6.1, I note that this one still does not take charges the Raw formats with them from Canon CR3. I have a gun EOS R in full format and a gun EOS M50 in APPLICATIONS-C and that is regrettable that I cannot open these photographs in CR3. Can indicate to me how to make to use at rough files in darktable, because it is a software which I have the practice to employ and which I find it also increasingly powerful.
You while thanking by advance. Well cordially Jean-Louis. for any answer “”

you can upload some samples to The samples are then used by the developers of darktable (and other software) to provide camera raw support in darktable.

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Je vous ai fait parvenir deux photos en CR3 sorties brut de mes appareils soit : Canon EOS M50 et Canon EOS R.
Au cas où vous souhaitez plus d’informations ""

Staph already!!!1
Uploading a duplicate sample for 59’th time will not help with anything :slight_smile:
There have been many dozens of these CR3 raws uploaded,
even though the full raw set is already in place for M50, EOS R.
There are no samples for SX70.
There is something that looks like a full set for EOS RP, but i’m not sure.

Oh, my mistake! my search on yesterday wasn’t very thorough :smiley: