Auto-Matched Curve

Yes that was my observation and i was just trying to convey that as I think the question was asking about how the selectable components in the DCP affected the image and should they be used or not…I guess you could run a few pairs on and off and export as tiffs and do a difference blend mode in GIMP and see just what is different to see if there is a consistent pattern but really as mentioned above and from my observation likely best to use one or the other and correct with other tools as needed…

The essential remarks are already made: DCP settings are applied pretty early on in the pipeline. If you look here Toolchain Pipeline - RawPedia you see that the auto-matched tone curve comes somewhere in the middle of the process. The DCP is applied in 7. Convert colorspace I believe (haven’t really checked in the code).

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Seems like it takes in to account a few other elements for the final result otherwise I don’t think it would change. It must come after DCP which I think has been confirmed and then try to calculate based on that input and the jpg a final result…likely why it becomes almost linear often one the DCP tone curve is applied as that is usually not too far from a jpg….

If you click the auto match button the button stays pressed, so it stays active. You need to click the button again, then it stops changing the curve permanently.

Before 1st Click:

After 1st click:

After 2nd click:

Thanks…I wasn’t really concerned with if if was on just how it was reacting when it was on and what the indicated about how it was determined in the first place in response to the tone curve being turned off or on in the DCP file…

That totally makes sense both in principle and practice…