Beauty retouch on darktable ?



that’s vogue quality work right there!! And I love that you left her little tooth showing and her tough yet sensible hardworking woman’s eye bags :sunglasses:

On the other hand, your colours are fantastich :+1::+1:
I took it for a spin in photoflow and could NOt reach your “homogenity” level, master Frank =)


BTW the clothing is horrendous

(Andrew) #22

@chroma_ghost, you are tops, such free thinking!
This is a strange image for me. For one thing, why is the left hand so huge?
I’ve had a few goes at the face colouration and each time I end up with cyan-ish zippy skirt, not white. Presumably it should be white? Now I look at mine again, poor girl’s got 5 o’clock shadow…


Appretiate ur words golden R =)
Yup, the colour difference between the different body parts is personally the most annoying issue, but then we’ve also have “to deal” with the wrong WB, the visual sizing of hands (and seem too close to the body), the very unforgiving shadows (look between her legs, Jesus!!), a good reason to make passarelles light reflectance and slippery, the obnoxious BG and last but not least the attire and accessories. Anyway fashion’s not my cup of tea unless adressed by people like Arnold who knows how to squeeze it / subvert it

Going OT, sorry. In my view Aurelien achieved an almost perfectly balanced base from where start grading; if you for instance look at my version is more “even” and HL respecting but way less appealing and natural looking. :pear:

I think it is worth noting that (at least as I experience it) it seems fashion photography freely uses its own documenting medium to express itself (bit tautologic I guess), tweaking, tonning, shading, blasting, subduing, removing, adding, replacing the image’s palette… which can become a contrived fashion / tendency by itself but I can understand how it can also be very rewarding =)

A posiible solution


a bit of Darktable fun :slight_smile: a rough try at it


Unrealistic requirements reserved for robots.

I agree but someone thought it was a good idea.

Nice photos but what is being said about women? :sweat:


Where did you get this licence from?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #26

Interesting exercise!

Here is what I could achieve with photoflow, using spot WB, exposure/gamma adjustments, dynamic range compression + tone mapping, and a bit of sharpening:

PFI file: AWL_3433.pfi (40.0 KB)

(Andrew) #27

Looks like good colour to me. Where did you take the spot WB from, and did you tweak it subsequently?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #28

I took it from the white skirt patch above the left leg, no further tweaking needed.


C’won afre don’t be a cafre :stuck_out_tongue: I know you’re just teasing
So the unwanting soul sees what’s hidden, and the ever-wanting soul sees only what it wants.
LT yo!

Good one @Carmelo_DrRaw :+1: I’ll download your pfi to study it, bet it’s much simpler than mine :wink:

(Aurélien Pierre) #30

on Flickr.

(Aurélien Pierre) #31

Nice work ! it’s actually pretty close from what I did.

Same here.


Don’t get me wrong; I do trust you. It just isn’t obvious for my tired self that the raw is from Flickr or licensed “CC BY-SA-NC 2.0” originally.

(Aurélien Pierre) #33

No offense taken.

Also, the 2 core modules used to perform this retouch are merged into darktable master and will be released into the 2.6 version, for Xmas. Merry Xmas to you guys ! :slight_smile:


Retouch training, all in darktable 2.6.0rc1 Mairi.ORF.xmp (47.8 KB)

Pat David photo of Mairi (An Open Source Portrait (Mairi))

(senpai) #35

retouch test with darktable 2.60

AWL_3433.nef.xmp (12,3 Ko)

(Filip) #36

Done in darktable 2.7, dev build. Image is overexposed. Retouching done in retouch module :sunglasses: the same as in GIMP via wavelet decomposition. That mirror brings up some odd texture on her face. There are two dimples on her chin which also could be retouched but I didn’t saw them until it was to late.

and here is sidecar AWL_3433.nef.xmp (5.0 KB)

(Filip) #37

Naturally white balance is wrong. It was great zombie look, very popular.

(senpai) #38

Test again
AWL_3433_01.nef.xmp (10,4 Ko)