Best Platform for darktable - Linux or Windows 10?

All of this is rather subjective. As far as I am concerned, crappy Windows 10 is to be avoided as much as possible, not only for its inconsistency, but mostly for its unacceptable privacy invasion and strong reduction of user choice. Just look at the junk in the start menu and tell me you still like this OS…Configurability of Linux is well beyond Win 10.
Now, for Darktable, thanks to the amazing work of all the developers, we have an incredible application we benefit daily. Since it has been developed on Linux, it makes sense to me to run the app on the OS it has been developed on. Porting to Windows presents its share of challenge I presume, and I guess it could introduce some bugs unknown to the Linux version, plus restrict some features (e.g. printing).

Signing on to a Linux distribution for the first time can be intimidating for those who are used to commercial packages; just too many choices, options and simply too many opinions of others.
Using Linux is like subscribing to a public library. It really does not matter which branch you enter … all the books are basically the same, only the decor may vary from town to town.
Most Linux users have switched ‘distributions’ at some point or another because once one understands the basic tenants of the system, changing is simply as easy as going into another public library.
I could give you 10 reasons why my distribution is better than any other, but so can anybody who uses something different.
Distrowatch ( will give you the current flavor-of-the-month list and that is a fairly decent place to start your hunt. It’s not like a marriage, once you understand the ropes making a switch is painless.

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I suggest you stay on the platform you know best. In my opinion this allows you to react to problems and solve them in the quickest way possible. Per se, I believe there is not that much of a difference between any of the OSs. I know there is a religious following in Apple, Linux and Windows. I am just a user and I do not see any stability problems with darktable on Windows; I use it also on Mac, however, less frequently. I see quirks there as much as on Windows; I know the second way better so I solve problems quicker on that platform.