Bug in the last few 5.4 devs

(Syv) #1

Bug, I think:

  • I select RT4_sRGB color profile and export to TIFF 16bit uncompressed
  • When I import in GIMP it asks me to convert from RT2_sRGB profile

I went back to rawtherapee-dev-5.4-1275-g79d5614-20181127 appimage and it’s still happens.



(Andrew) #2

There have been a few things going on with V4 profiles (I assume you mean RTv4_sRGB).

Might or might not be related…

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

(Alberto) #4

Hi @foto, I tried but I can’t reproduce. Please file a bug report on github with more info, as suggested by @Morgan_Hardwood. Thanks!

(Syv) #5

I should have called it: is anybody else having the same problem?

It looks like it is https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/4980 and now it only selects rt2_srgb, including in the default.




it works on my end.
Sorry for the stupid question, is it possible that you are selecting rtv4_srgb profile in the monitor profile but not in the output profile (color tab)?

(Syv) #7

It’s not a stupid question!

  1. I didn’t even know that there was an output profile
  2. Following your question, I found the output profile set in the color > color management
  3. Now RT exports with the rtv4_srgb like I anticipated

So now my next questions:

  1. How do make rtv4_srgb the default for input and output
  2. Where can I find explanations on/of the differences between rtv2_srgb and rtv4_srgb?
  3. Bonus question: what happened to rtv3_srgb?




@foto The v2 and v4 refers to the ICC spec version. See: http://www.color.org/icc_specs2.xalter. The difference between the two has been explained before in this forum. Do a search to find out.

(Andrew) #9

It’s useful in RT to set up a personal default profile. This allows you to have lots of your favourite settings applied automatically when you open a new Raw. This includes Output profile. Have a look in Rawpedia, the RT documentation.