Call for testing: RawTherapee metadata handling with Exiv2 (includes CR3 support)

Still crashes on startup!
Translated Report (Full Report Below).pdf (54.5 KB)

Odd thing is, can’t even launch the public release now without it too crashing on startup - good job I can restore it from Time Machine.

Were you able to generate a crash report with the metadata-exiv2 version? This report says 5.9.0 which is the release.

I can confirm that especially PENTAX-MakerNotes are correctly written to the resulting JPEG from PENTAX K10D and K-1 using PEF as well as DNG. (on a Windows 10 machine)

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. :+1:
I remember opening my first issue report #3403 back in 2016 regarding this matter (which was handled in #3801). To date I am using a self written PERL-script invoking ExifTool to copy the EXIFs and MakerNotes from my RAWs to the JPGs, but the days of this chore will soon be over :wink:

Which one is it I’m supposed to download?

@Andy_Astbury1 It’s the one inside the metadata-exiv2 folder. I think the current ending shows 4c6167a

Maybe, or maybe not ehh!

Must be installed in Applications first, then see if it launches.

@Jade_NL @apostel338
It should be able to read the lens for Z series cameras now.

I made a change to read the lens name from a different tag which is more descriptive. Like in 5.9, RawTherapee will not automatically select the lens. It is unfortunately not possible to determine the correct lens. The lens information is stored as an ID and multiple lenses share the same ID as the one you used. In the quick info overlay (and the metadata tab), you will see a list of all those lenses.

Oh sorry :frowning:
I did not check the 50-250 as it was already correctly detected. Did not expect this.

I assume the second image is for the latest Exiv2 build and the first is for the original one? If so, I will fix it quickly.

Both are from latest Exiv2 build.

Have looked at further samples from Z6 an Z7.

Seems like native Z-mount lenses are Exif.NikonLd4.LensID and F-Mount adapted with FTZ-adapter are stored in Exif.NikonLd4.LensIDNumber


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:man_facepalming: I should have known. That’s what happens when I multitask I guess.

Anyway, I pushed another update which should solve both lens identification issues.

Edit: Automated builds will finish in another 10 minutes or so, and as always, the AppImage and Windows direct links in the first post point to the latest builds.

Ok, i understand, but now i wonder, why the correct lens is determinded, when used with my former camera a Sony A100.

Yes! Noticed the commit this morning. Already merged, build and tested (both commits) and left comments on GitHub.

No joy…

It does. Z-Mount and FTZ-adapted both work now. Thanks a lot.

@Andy_Astbury1 Have a try with the new one named RawTherapee_macOS_13_Universal_5.9-235-g0bbcea880
For that last one, an error had occurred where the Universal did not take up the Intel side, leaving the minimum sys for intel blank, etc.

It crashed a few times, but appears to be working now, with full exif on a CR3 file - cheers for that :+1: :+1: :+1:

Ha - spoke too soon!

Why has the external editor setup changed?

It never used to look like this, and that command line has always functioned - now it doesn’t.

Can this not be reverted to the editor setup in the public release?

To install this dev build I’ve had to remove the public release, and that worked just fine.