Cannot get close to JPG from Sony Alpha 6000 with RAW processing



@DxO-user has been using RT and engaging in a meaningful manner so I think all is well. We all come from somewhere, so I wouldn’t put it against people whose frame of reference is proprietary apps. Heck, I use Windows and allow others and myself to poke fun at that.

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ok, then, folks, agreed.

@DxO-user, I apologize for having been rude.

And Happy New Year to all :fireworks:

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Apology accepted.
Happy New Year to all in this forum :couple: :grinning:


Hi Anderl,

I agree with the base curve to be a bit ‘difficult’ with high dynamic lighting. Therefore I built a tone curve, from which I start editing my images.

I adjusted the darker tones a bit and shifted the temperature of the lights to match the JPG’s warmer tone. I also lifted the shadows a bit with the shadows/highlights module.

Compared to the JPG there’s more detail in the highlights, while the blues being darker and more reddish than in the JPG (at least on my non-calibrated monitor, so you might have to reset the colour zone module).

What do you think?

DSC09850.ARW.xmp (5.3 KB)

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Here’s a couple of tries at it using DT 2.6.0, one with highlight recovery and one without. Both use filmic. @Anderl, I left the history stacks uncompressed so that you can see the steps I took to arrive at the result. One note: when I used filmic I used the dropper by the middle gray luminance, then adjusted it to get the look I wanted.DSC09850.ARW.xmp (6.2 KB)
DSC09850_01.ARW.xmp (6.3 KB)


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A6000 images in DT are a pain. Never managed to entirely resolve it. What seems to help me: forget the alpha like base curve, just use neutral. Do not use the standard color profile, create one or use. For some reason the whitebalance tends to be a bit greenish, I usually shift a6000 images a bit to purple.

Applying that at least results in a decent (if not great) result:

DSC09850.ARW.xmp (9.7 KB)


Sorry guys, I was off a few days and I’m quite impressed by all those great processings. Give me a few days next weekend and I will give all of them a try. :ok_hand:

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My try with darktable.

DSC09850.ARW.xmp (6,7 KB)